Tire storage

Seasonal tire storage in Moldova

We create optimal conditions for storing tires!

The TRANS AGER SRL Company provides a seasonal storage service for passenger car tires with the sizes R13-R21.

Tires are stored in a warehouse in an upright position, observing the permissible temperature and humidity fluctuations, without contact with corrosive substances.

Our tire changing station will provide you the service of seasonal tire change, followed by the acceptance of off-season tires at the warehouse, drawn up under a contract and an act of receipt - transmission for a period of seasonal storage of 6 months. There are accepted for storage car tires separately and tires assembled with disks.

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The cost of secure storage of a set of tires in the composition of 4 pieces per season is 600 MDL, including VAT on a full prepayment basis for the period of seasonal storage.

About Tire Storage

Storing tires in a garage, balcony or pantry can cause the rubber to lose its functionality. TRANS AGER SRL specialists know in what conditions your tires should be stored.

Extend the life of tires
Free up your space (balcony, corridor, pantry, etc.)
Ensure the safety of your property
Get rid of the hassle associated with seasonal replacement of tires

Chisinau city, 171-A Uzinelor Street
Phone: +373 78 808 089
Email: serviсе.nani@transager.md

Work schedule:
Monday - Friday: from 9:00 a.m. till 06:00 p.m.
Saturday: from 9:00 a.m. till 01:00 p.m.


During summer or winter storage of tires, car tires must be provided with conditions that are not easy to create at home or in the garage.

To maintain the quality and properties of tires, they must be stored:

n specially equipped premises (rubber should not be kept outdoors, at low temperatures or high humidity, as well as expose to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation and direct sunlight);

in an upright position on racks (long-term storage of tires in piles or stacks entails deformation of the sidewalls and tread).

Seasonal storage of tires in a specially equipped warehouse of the „TRANS AGER” company is a guarantee of keeping tires in optimal conditions.